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A summary of Nature’s Classroom project results.

Video and photo reports, panoramic images, round tables

Summer School: Establishing an Ecoremediation Course in Čatež
A trip to outdoor learning courses: project presentation
Permaculture zone: Building a Yurt
Early spring at the ERM course in Modraže
Učne table v Občini Zreče (available in Slovene only)
The Deaf and Hard of Hearing from Maribor at the ERM Course in Modraže
Okoljske škode (okrogla miza) (available in Slovene only)
Permacultural zone Dole: planting the first trees
Opening of the Nature Development Centre Poljčane
Municipality of Poljčane and the Nature Development Centre
Municipal Waste in the Municipality of Poljčane
Predstavitev projekta na občini Sv. Trojica (available in Slovene only)
Outdoor learning exercises of UM FoA students at the ERM learning course in Modraže
Autumn Activities at the ERM course in Modraže
Re-Use Centre in Rogaška Slatina
Initial Construction of the Learning Course in Dobrovce

Presentations of Partners (video)

University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts
Energy Agency for Podravje – Institute for Sustainable Energy use
Development Agency Kozjansko
Institute for Development and Improvement of Infrastructure and the Social Environment RISO

Educational trails

Boč forest educational trail
Quarries in the Bela valley educational trail
The subterranean treasures of Haloze
Ličenca Ecosystem educational trail
Educational trail among treasures of the trees
Educational trail through the Dravinja valley
Educational trail through the valley of freshwater crabs
Convent educational trail
Learning point on bees, herbs and their products

Educational and promotional materials (Slovene only)

Osnutki strokovnih podlag 2011

Vzpostavitev ekosistemskih tehnologij za izobraževanje v naravi in učnih opazovališč (Limnos)
Raziskave z namenom izobraževanja za vodne ekosisteme (UM FF)
Vzpostavitev Izobraževalnega centra o stoječih vodah – Sveta Trojica (RISO)
Trajnostno gospodarjenje z odpadki na projektnem območju (RA Kozjansko)

Učni programi za inovativno učenje v naravi

Učni program za raziskovanje v učilnici v naravi za 1. triado
Učni program za učenje v naravi za osnovne šole
Učni program za praktični pouk naravovarstva v učilnici v naravi
Učni program za praktični pouk na ERM poligonu

Učna gradiva za inovativno učenje v naravi

Tematske učne poti po Dravinjski dolini
Izobraževalni poligon o ekoremediacijah v Modražah

Strokovne podlage

Strokovne podlage učnih poti
Učne table

Primeri dobrih praks in aktivnosti za raziskovanje, učenje in poučevanje v učilnici v naravi

Ekosistemi – življenjska okolja
Rastline in živali v ekosistemih
Živalski svet Dravinjske doline
Voda vir življenja
Spoznajmo prsti
Vremensko dogajanje v naravi in toplota
Voda in delovanje v pokrajini
Ekoremediacije – terensko delo
Učne poti in vodenje v naravi
Dejavnosti v prostoru
Na sprehodu ob potoku
Zasnova učne poti Spoznajmo prsti

Problemske naloge Učilnice v naravi za osnovne šole

Biološka pestrost
Življenjsko okolje
Tekoče in stoječe vode
Biološa pestrost mlake
Skrbimo za čisto okolje

Problemske naloge Učilnice v naravi za praktični pouk

Ekološka kmetija in trajnostni razvoj
Gozdna učna pot
Kemijska analiza vode
Lesna biomasa
Načrtovanje prostora z umestitvijo rastlinske čistilne naprave
Natura 2000
Propadanje gozda
Rastlinska čistilna naprava
Zelišča na ekološki kmetiji
Spoznajmo tla in analize prsti

Social networks

Nature’s Classroom @ Facebook
Nature’s Classroom @ Twitter
Nature’s Classroom @ Vimeo
Nature’s Classroom @ Flicker


Promotional film Nature’s Classroom 2009

Recently, learning courses in Modraže and Dole were venues of a summer school entitled “Setting-Up an Ecoremediation Course in Čatež”, organised by the Centre for Educational and Extra-Curricular activities (Center šolskih in obšolskih dejavnosti) in order to transfer the acquired knowledge and experience in designing learning courses to an area where they plan to establish a similar outdoor learning course.

Andreja Tomažin, head of the Čebelica home, emphasized that outdoor education has a lot of quality value and that it is actually the best type of education that people can experience in their lives.

Video report

Video transcript

Participants in the “Establishing an Ecoremediation Course in Čatež” summer school, which took place at the outdoor learning courses in Modraže and Dole, expressed the desire to transfer the knowledge and experience in designing outdoor learning courses to an area, where they plan to establish a similar learning course.

Prof. Ddr. Ana Vovk Korže, Head of the Nature’s Classroom project: The objective of the summer school is for Centre for Educational and Extra-Curricular Activities to acquire an area where they will be able to carry out field work, nature science days and hold outdoor lessons and lectures in the direct vicinity of the Centre. Considering that the Centre itself has no experience in how to tackle such a project, we decided to have them organise this year’s summer school at this learning course, so that they may copy ideas, approaches and didactic recommendations and later use them in their own Centre.

The existing learning courses in Modraže and Dole had a visible effect on the designers of the future learning course near Čatež.

Andreja Tomažin, head of Čebelica, Centre for Educational and Extra-Curricular Activities: We came here very excited to explore the learning courses in Modraže and Dole, to study them and learn what there is to be learned, to note things down and to get new ideas on how the knowledge we acquired yesterday and here today can be transferred to our area where we want to establish a similar learning course in the future.

Mateja Podgoršek, urban planner: We will try to find suitable locations for these solutions and tell an interesting story at the location we will select.

The intention to establish a new learning course would definitely not have developed successfully without the awareness of the advantages of outdoor education.

Andreja Tomažin, head of Čebelica, Centre for Educational and Extra-Curricular Activities: Outdoor education has a huge quality value, since here each student, young or old, directly experiences experiential possibilities. It is in fact the only and the best quality education that we can experience in our lives.

Summer school participants acquired a lot of new knowledge in a natural environment, under the vigilant eyes of their mentors.

Mojca Kokot Krajnc, MC ERM junior researcher: Our group’s task was to first present all the water sources located on the course and then analyse the water quality of each individual source. First we did the physical measurements, where we analysed the colour of water, then we measured the water’s temperature and pH levels and finally we analysed the water’s odour.

Alenka Sajovic, Ecoremediation Technological Centre Celje: In my group students learne about the principle of operation of a constructed wetland. That is why our field work is composed of measuring individual parameters at the inlet of the constructed wetland and at its outlet, and then we compare these data to a natural wetland. We compare the data to a natural wetland because we know that the constructed wetland as a system for purifying waste water is based on the natural wetland or swamp ecosystem. The process of purifying waste water in such a system as a constructed wetland uses the same principles as the processes in a natural swamp.

Jerneja Križan, MC ERM independent professional associate: Visitors to this year’s research camp worked in groups to learn about the properties of soil here at the course. As the landscape is quite colourful, we have a lot of soil diversity. That is why we will actually get very, very interesting results, which students will then compare with each other. We expect them to learn a lot about soil, to know all the different soil types located here, and to later actually use this knowledge in their work on the learning course, where they will dig out soil profiles and learn about soil properties this way.

At the end of the summer school in Modraže and Dole, students did not hide their excitement.

Nastja, Sevnica: We learned many new things today about water purification. Among other things we studied the water in this area, what kind of ingredients it has …

Katja, Šentjernej: Personally, I liked the mentorship most, as the workshops were organized by professionals …

Lara, Ljubljana: I like how the course is set up. How to teach children, young people and adults, how to invoke their interest in ecoremediations, in how to re-establish these natural states.

Bojana, Metlika: Yes, I liked all the workshops today. I like how everything was presented vividly and not in the form of a text, as we are used to.

Tadej, Trebnje: I like the valley itself, it’s nice and calm, and I also like the course, it looks very natural …

Objavil Editor,
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